Bathing Without Soap is Healthier For Your Skin?

March 14, 2017

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Would you consider taking a shower without using soap? The expected response is "eww", "ick", "gross", "p-u" but one dermatologist says our bodies don't need soap to be clean.  Dr. Sandy Skotnicki believes water is all you need to clean your body is plain water, even after hitting the gym.  She is part of a growing voice that suggests humans are causing more harm to our bodies by using soaps and shampoos than if we just rinse off with clean water. Other than using soap to wash your hands, Jackie Hong says she hasn't used soap on her body in seven years and she doesn't stink, have greasy skin or developed any strange conditions or infections. Soaps work by binding with fat and grease to lift them off the surface and the naturally-occurring oils of your skin are included.  Removing those oils is why you skin becomes dry. Dr. Skotnicki believes our obsessions with soap is a holdover from centuries ago when indoor plumbing was non-existent and diseases were rampant. Jack Gilbert, a professor at the University of Chicago’s Department of Surgery and faculty director of the MicroBiome Center says thanks to vaccines, and other public health works, most dangerous pathogenic microorganisms have been eradicated from society. So the chance any nasty germs are hanging out on your skin are next to none, although you should still wash your hands with warm, soapy water to prevent the spread of things like colds and flu. Of course you should discuss this subject with your doctor for their professional opinion.

SOURCE: The Star

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