Bath Bombs Can Be Bad News For Women

March 1, 2017

© Timothy Beck | Dreamstime

It's hard to talk bad about bath bombs.  The bubbles, the colors, the smell!  They're a nice way to treat yourself after an exhausting day and help you relax for a while in the tub.  But there is some bad news for bath bombs as using them can cause an imbalance of healthy bacteria and be the reason for recent urinary and yeast infections.  All those lovely colors and smells are created by adding lots of dyes and perfumes into the bath bombs.  Mixed in with a longer soak in the tub with them can healthy bacteria to die and a woman's pH levels to change enough to cause irritation and infections. Health experts suggest you stay away from bath bombs, especially if you've noticed a pattern of UTI or other infections after using bath bombs.  You can reduce your risks by replacing heavily perfumed bath bombs with a few drops of essential oils in the tub and limit baths to 30 minutes of less.  But if your love affair with bath bombs is too strong to give up, experts suggesting using natural and organic bombs.  Although they ae still made with perfumes and dyes, they're not a potent as ones with chemicals.  Avoid bath bombs with glitter, shower after your bath to remove any remaining perfumes and dyes and limit bath bombs to no more than one per week.


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