Bar Uses Salvaged Cars From Drunk Driving Accidents As Coasters

March 28, 2017


Although we know that drinking and driving is a deadly combination sometimes the message needs to be freshened up.  That fresh message is taking on a new role at a bar in Toronto, Canada.  As visitors to The Emmet Ray bar order their favorite beer, wine and mixed drinks they may notice an unusual accessory.  Earlier this month, the bar started serving drinks on coasters made from the wreckage of cars that were involved in drunken-driving accidents. The coasters were created by Arrive Alive which is a group that raises awareness of the dangers of impaired driving.  Each of the square coasters are salvaged from cars destroyed in drunk-driving accidents.  A press punches out a square, complete with the scratches and dents and a laser etches the message, “This coaster used to be a car that never made it home.” So far the feedback has been positive. Arrive Alive says their coasters aren't meant to discourage drinking but remind those drinking to plan on getting a cab or ride instead of risking your own car becoming part of the coaster collection.

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SOURCE: Fox News