Bank Employee Sorts Through 1.2 Million Coins By Hand

December 20, 2017

© Tracy Hebden | Dreamstime

Think your job is tough!   A German bank employee has spent the last six months counting 5,500 pounds of coins by hand!  They are the collection of a truck driver who would save seemingly useless one and two penny coins in his home in hundreds of freezer bags.  Sadly the man died in May and his family discovered the 1.2 million coins when cleaning out his home.  While the coins held value, they were no longer a valid form of currency since Germany switched to the Euro in 2002.  However any old Deutschmark unit of money can be redeemed at any bank for a Euro.  However counting the coins by machine was not possible as some of them were rusted and stuck together.  So it was up to a bank employee who spent at least half of 2017 hand counting the coins.  In total the coins totaled around $9,400, an unexpected inheritance for the family of the deceased man.


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