Band's Fan Edits Wikipedia Page To Get Backstage

February 21, 2017

When you are seeing your favorite singer or band at a concert, there's always that desire to get backstage to meet your hero. One Friday night, Adam Boyd was at concert to see one of his favorite bands, The Sherlocks.  But arriving late to the show, he quickly realized his seats were not prime.  In fact they were horrible.  But Adam is a resourceful young man.  Perhaps the resourcefulness was fueled by alcohol but in any case he decided to edit the ban's Wikipedia page, so that it said he was the lead singer's cousin and the inspiration for the bands first single. In reading the article, which starts out, "They released their first single, 'Live for the Moment' in 2014," when Adam added, "influenced by main vocalist Kiaran Crook's cousin, Adam Boyd, their second single was 'Escapade' in 2015." Apparently the trick worked as Adam was able to convince security he was indeed the lead singer's cousin and from the pictures he posted on Facebook, he did get backstage. The story was also confirmed by the timestamp on the band's Wikipedia page.  Bravo, Adam!

SOURCE: Mashable

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