Bald Eagle Steals Hiker's Smartphone

August 2, 2016

Americans aren't the only ones who love our technology, apparently a symbol of the United States likes them too. Lt. Andres Ayure of the US Coast Guard arrived at his new duty station at Dutch Harbor, Alaska and decided to spend last Saturday exploring his new home. He decided to take a hike up the 1,634 ft. high peak Ballyhoo Mountain, which overlooks the town.  However one local wasn't too happy with his presence.  A bald eagle started to swoop down at him.  Once, twice and three times Ayure was able to duck and protect himself from the bird of prey but the fourth time, the bald eagle tore a hole in his hoodie, ironically an American Eagle-branded hoodie and continued to swoop down at him for half a dozen more times.  Through the chaos, Ayure's smart phone fell out of his pocket.  The shiny object grabbed the attention of the swooping eagle and was enough of a distraction for Ayure to run downhill and away from the attack.  However the next day, Ayure and two other Coast Guardsmen returned to search unsuccessfully for the cellphone, holding up hiking poles to appear larger and discourage aggressive eagles. Fortunately, there were no further attacks. The areas is known for an unusually large population of birds of prey, which get their bounty from the remains left at the nation's busiest fishing port and routinely claw people's head. Warning signs are posted annually near known attack sites, including across from city hall, and the Dutch Harbor Post Office.

Source: Bristol Bay Times

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