Bald Eagle Gets Trapped In Clay County Car's Grille

October 10, 2016
police lights

Quite possibly the strangest story from hurricane Matthew happened in Clay County Saturday when a bald eagle somehow got trapped in the grille of a moving car.  Clay County Sheriff Office shared the story on Facebook where the driver called 911 to report the bird had flown in front of his car and lodged itself in the grille. The driver didn't notice the eagle trapped in his car until stopped at an intersection where a driver stopped the opposite way say when at he thought was a decoration until it moved.  The driver then chased down the car, notified the driver that he had a bird stuck in his grille and then called 911.  Fortnightly, Cynthia Mosling of an organization called Bird Emergency Aid and Kare Sanctuary (B.E.A.K.S) had evacuated inland and was able to dislodge the bird.  She estimates the Bald Eagle is about 7 years old and says he doesn't seem to have any serious injuries.  She is tending to make sure he is healthy and will release him after a few more checkups.  The bald Eagle has been named Mathew after the storm.


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