Bake The Crispiest Fries At Home Using This One Trick

April 14, 2017
french fries

The french fry quite possibly is the world's most favorite food and while enjoying them from a restaurant ensures the are crisp and tasty, they usually bomb at home because of the cooking method.  Since most homes do not have a deep dryer and using a while bottle of cooking oil can be costly (and what to do with all that oil after you're done), that leaves baking as the preferred home method of fries. But baked fries?!? Ick!  But we've got a chef's trick to ensure your fries are as crisp from the oven as they would be from a fryer and that's cornstarch (more about that in a moment).  First, skip the frozen food aisle and head to the produce section and select a few Russet potatoes.  Unlike other type of potatoes, Russet has a lot of starch, which is key for a crisp fry. Preheat your over to 450 degrees.  next, slice your potato about 1/4 inch thick, Anything thinner means they'll burn before being done while thicker means they won't finish cooking. Pat them dry. Moisture on the outside of your potato slices makes it harder for oil to adhere to the surface and if the oil can’t stick to the potato, your fries won’t crisp up.  That's where cornstarch can help.  Add a tablespoon per pound.  The cornstarch absorbs even more moisture to ensure your fry is crisp when done! Then toss together with about one to two tablespoons of olive or canola oil per pound of potatoes and arrange them on a baking sheet with no overlap.  Bake for 20 to 25 minutes with one flip halfway through and voila!  Sprinkle a tad of salt and enjoy hot!

SOURCE: Greatest

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