Bacteria and fungus is lurking in your dishwasher!

January 24, 2018

Just because your dishwasher gets your plates shiny and spotless doesn't mean it's not dirty on the inside. European researchers took samples from the rubber seals of 24 household dishwashers. They found the most common bacteria included pseudomonas, Escherichia and Acinetobacter, which are "opportunistic pathogens," meaning they're normally harmless, but can cause infections in people with comprimised immune systems. The most common types of fungus were Candida, Cryptococcus, and Rhodotorula-- which also includes opportunistic pathogens. One way to keep the rubber seal with a dry cloth at the end of a cycle to limited microbe buildup. And you don't have to fear your dishwasher's germs unless you have a comprimised immune system. 

Source: UPI