Avoid These Pasta Cooking Mistakes

May 10, 2018


The news is out that pasta isn't so bad for your waistlines once thought.  But we're doing a poor job of cooking it in the kitchen.  Here are the five most common mistakes that are made when cooking pasta and some advice on how to avoid them. Probably the most common is using a pot that is too small, perhaps snapping it in half to fit it all in. Shame! By using a pot that's not large enough, the water temperature drops significantly when the pasta is added. More so than if you were using a larger pot. While the water returns to a boil (which can take a while), the pasta gets clumpy and mushy sitting in the pot. This also creates a higher starch-to-water ratio, which makes for sticky pasta. Make sure you are salting the water. Salt actually roughs up the surface of the pasta to keep it from getting slimy. Pasta doesn't actually absorb all the salt and it helps to season the noodles, which is especially important when cooking dried pasta. Make sure you are not adding pasta too early into the water. When pasta sits in water that's not hot enough, it gets gummy and sticky. Stirring pasta during cooking is crucial! Skip this step and you're left with a giant clump of noodles that are stuck together. Finally, skip the rinse after cooking. Not only is it unnecessary, but by doing this, you're washing away the starch that helps the sauce cling to the pasta. It also washes away some of the pasta's flavor.

SOURCE: The Kitchn

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