Avoid These Foods To Beat That Post-Lunch Nap Feeling

June 14, 2017

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Ever find yourself getting sleepy after lunch? While some cultures encourage a nap after lunch, snoozing after lunch can be a real problem for your productivity at work.  But there is a simple solution to prevent the sleepies after lunch munchies.  In short, you're eating too much and what you're eating has too much carbohydrates, sugar and fat. After eating a sugar-heavy meal, the body produces insulin, which leads to increased production of serotonin and melatonin, both of which can make you feel calm and sleepy. Although your body will always use energy to digest foods, you can limit that sleepy feeling by staying away from certain foods known to nudge on a nap, such as bread, rice and pasta as well as candies and foods with added fats (think fried). Avoid overeating by controlling your portions, which can be hard at a restaurant where generally you receive much more food than needed for one person.  Consider bringing your own lunch that contains a light meal consisting of dark greens and good proteins like beans or chicken.  Although you might feel sleepy after eating, it shouldn't be enough that your eyelids are too heavy to keep open.

SOURCE: Elite Daily

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