Avoid These 5 Holiday Eating Mistakes

November 20, 2017

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Thanksgiving is just days away, which means the holiday parties are coming up and of course Christmas and New Year’s; each of which involves a lot of food and the self-loathing of the average of nine pounds we gain during this time of the year.  You can enjoy holiday foods without the guilt, according to a dietitian, who says using these five steps will help you enjoy the holiday eating experience.  First, nothing is off limits.  When a food is off-limits, it becomes much more appealing. And if guilt is involved and you do end up eating that food, the "Screw it, I've already had a bite and ruined everything so I'm going to eat the entire party and have a thousand cocktails" mentality kicks in. So give yourself permission to get pleasure from food but remember not to overindulge. Don't ever go to a cocktail party or arrive at a holiday dinner absolutely starving. "Saving" calories will mean you'll be quick to scarf down food without enjoying their flavor and generally overeating.  So eat a normal meal and normal times and arrive at the dinner table or party ready for those seasonal favorites on a semi-full tummy. Decide which indulgences you most deeply desire. Too often we indulge not because we really want to, but because we're on autopilot or feeling awkward and just want something to do with our hands. So make sure you don't "check out" and really ask yourself, do you want to eat the cookie because you will really enjoy it or just because it's there? Stop when you're satisfied, not stuffed. Eat slowly and take frequent pauses.  And if you do overindulge, forgive yourself. There's no point beating yourself up for something that has already happened. Learn from the experience, and take that knowledge as a reminder to be more mindful next time.

SOURCE: The Kitchn

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