Avoid The Oily Mess Of Natural Peanut Butter By Using This Trick

March 30, 2018

© Ppy2010ha | Dreamstime

We first fell in love with peanut butter as a child.  Paired with jelly on white bread it was a slice of heaven.  However many peanut butters add sugar, saturated fat and emulsifiers. While you wonder why anyone would add anything at all to crushed peanuts beyond a little salt, which is why natural peanut butters are becoming popular.  Except natural peanut butters lack the emulsifiers to keep the natural oil of the peanut from separating in the jar.  It is pretty gross to see a layer of oil at the top of your natural peanut butter jar.  But this simple trick should help keep that oil from rising to the top.  Store your natural peanut butter upside down. The oils will still separate some, but now they’ll rise to the bottom of the jar. When you flip the jar back to use it, the peanut matter will fall back into the oil and slowly be infused with it. This will severely reduce your peanut butter stirring time and greatly increase your peanut butter enjoyment time.

SOURCE: Lifehacker

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