Avoid Disposing OF These tems Down Your Kitchen Sink

January 13, 2017

© Brad Calkins | Dreamstime

Done any time cooking in the kitchen you know the garbage disposal is a wondrous machine.  While making the sound of a freight train blowing through your home, it quickly chops up pieces of leftover food so it can easily slide down the drain to happy pastures. But that doesn't give you a green light to cop up whatever and wash it down the drain.  Experts and plumbers say certain foods should be scrapped off into the trash and not sent down the pipes to prevent blockages and costly repairs. Pasta, rice, potato peels and other starchy foods shouldn't be disposed through he sink. These offenders quickly turn from food to goo that can cause clogs. Oils may be liquid when you pour them down the drain but they quickly solidify and become blockages. Dispose of oil in a can, in the garbage and if some of it gets down your drain, turn on the hot water, give a squirt of dishwashing liquid and leave it on for about a minute to keep your pipes clear. Stringy or fibrous foods, such as celery or asparagus, should never be put down the sink. Apparently they wrap around the waste disposal unit and create blockages. Finally, coffee grounds, egg shells, seeds and grains, which are too big and heavy to float down the drain, gather and cause clogs.

SOURCE: Daily Mail

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