Avoid Being Passed Over For A Work Promotion

April 12, 2018

Nothing can be more frustrating than being skipped over for a promotion at work!  If you're a hard worker but always seem to be passed over for a promotion, there are reasons why, says one HR manager who points out mistakes we make without even realizing it. Your work ethic is your brand, meaning you need to develop it, protect it and promote it as a leader. For instance, never focus on negatives. Avoid focusing on what can't be done offer solutions to your manager on how a difficult job can be done.  That resourcefulness won't be forgotten. Yes, we all need to vent occasionally about work but make sure you're doing so at the appropriate time and place. While you may feel comfortable working on projects alone in your own bubble and in complete control, working as a team and being a contributor to that team will get you noticed. Avoid focusing solely on your own contribution and keep your focus on the success of the team. Believe it or not, working too hard and too long is a negative trait.  It is not an effective use of anyone's time because you usually will burn out early and that can lead to a negative attitude. Yes, a consistent standard of performance is important but don't let it consume you.  Balance is key. Speak up! Too many people sit quietly, even if they have lots of opinions, ideas and observations. Remember to put some thought into speaking up before you do it. The best way to speak out is to keep emotion out of it. If you're going to present argument they need to be rational and you need to have solutions. Finally and most importantly, be your own cheerleader.  Speak up on your accomplishments as a leader, not as an individual. As with venting about work, remember there is an appropriate time and place to do it.

SOURCE: Daily Mail

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