Australia Birds Chewing Through Internet Cables

November 6, 2017

© Diego Calvi | Dreamstime

Australia is in the midst of a crisis.  The country has some of the slowest Internet speeds in the modern world and its leaders have taken the issue to heart by launching a countrywide upgrade of its broadband network.  However crews are running into some problems thanks to the native cockatoos.  Apparently the birds have found the new broadband cables, which are strung from nearly 2000 fixed wireless towers around Australia, perfect for sharpening their beaks and are chewing through them.  So far cables on eight towers in Australia have been destroyed, with as many as 200 cables suffering damages resulting in costly repairs before the upgrade is even in service. Frayed power and fiber cables cost up to $7650 each to repair or replace and the birds have rendered around $61,500 worth of equipment useless so far. A professor in animal behavior thinks that the color or position of the cables might be enticing the birds. Typically they prefer pecking at wood or bark but might be developing a taste of steel used in Internet cables! NBN, the company in charge on the project, plan to install protective casing on cable ends, which they hope will be turnoff for the birds.

SOURCE: Mental Floss

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