Aunt Charges Family Members To Eat At Her Thanksgiving Dinner

November 17, 2017


You expect to pay a bill when you eat at a restaurant but what about when you are invited to a friend's or family member's house?  In what appears to be the latest online debate, one Twitter user tweeted that she pays $30 for a plate of food at her family's Thanksgiving dinner.  Apparently her aunt buys and cooks all the food with each person chipping in to cover the costs.  While some couldn't wrap their heads around charging guests a fee to eat dinner to which they were invited to attend, others see the move as a fair way so that not one person or family absorbs the costs of hosting Thanksgiving. According to the American Farm Bureau Federation, the average cost of Thanksgiving dinner for ten people id $49.12, which is the lowest since 2013 and the second lowest since 2011.

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SOURCE: BuzzFeed

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