The Art Of Tying Shoelaces So They Don't Come Undone

April 14, 2017

© Antonio Guillem | Dreamstime

The results are in, we now know why shoelace come untied when we are walking or running.  Apparently the g-forces shoe laces are subject to when moving are more than twice of that what Astronauts feel during a rocket launch!  Through a series of test, we know how the granny knot is destined to fail every time resulting in your laces coming undone and a frustrating situation for parents of kids!  They found a square knot is much better at holding together shoelaces than a granny knot.  A quick sign that you've tied a granny knot is where the lace bow lines up on your show.  If it's up and down, with the laces resting over the toe of the show and your ankle, it is a granny knot and will fail.  However in the square knot, the laces will rest on the out and inner side of your show.  Tie a square knot as you would normally tie your shoes with the left lace over the right and your first bow in your right hand.  When bringing the lace in your left hand to create the second bow, wrap it OVER (or clockwise) the bow in your right hand and not under (counter clockwise). For parents tying children's shoes, the granny knot is usually tied because the tying principles are backwards.  Try tying your kid's shoes while behind them instead of in front of them to make sure you are tying a square knot. Take a look at this video [CLICK HERE] to see the difference.


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