Arrested Man Attempts To Swap A Monopoly Game Card For Freedom

June 30, 2017


With today's technology, it's becoming hard to determine fact from fiction but that's not the case for the classic board game Monopoly.  Although one of the most coveted cards in the game is the "get out of jail free" card, it doesn't work in real life.  That's what one man learned last week after being arrested by Deputy Mike Vai of the Dakota County, Minnesota Sheriff’s Office.  He stopped an unidentified man at a traffic stop and after running his name, found the man had an outstanding warrant and was arrested. But the man must've known he couldn't escape the law forever.  So shortly after being arrested, he handed the deputy a "Get Out of Jail Free" card from a Monopoly board game.  To the shock of everyone, the card did absolutely nothing but provide an entertaining story. 

The Dakota County Sheriff’s Office did remark the man got an "A" for effort.

SOURCE: Complex

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