Arrested Development Is Back For Another Season

May 18, 2017


What is old is new again in the world of entertainment. With NBC announcing the return of American Idol last week and ABC announcing the return of Roseanne this week.  Netflix confirmed that it will bring back Arrested Development for a 5th season after its success with a 4th season back in 2013.  While the original cast of judges and hosts are not expected to return for the American Idol re-boot, the original Arrested Development cash will be back for the 5th season to be released on Netflix in 2018, while most of the original Roseanne cast will return for their roles, including John Goodman, whose character, Dan Connor, died of a heart attack in the final episode.  However in true soap opera form, Roseanne suggested in a 2009 interview the Dan would likely fake his own death.

SOURCE: Rolling Stone

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