Are You Sick Or Is It Just Allergies?

December 5, 2016


Meteorologists are telling us to prepare for cold weather by the end of the week, which means the cold and flu season is getting set to lock itself in our homes.  But is it a cold? Upper respiratory infection?  Or is it allergies?  Generally we think of allergies as a spring or fall nuisance but as we stay indoors longer, indoor allergens can cause flu-like symptoms that can make you feel miserable.  So before asking your Doctor for a round of antibiotics, see if you have a scratchy throat, runny nose and watering eyes; the telltale signs of allergies and not a cold or respiratory infection.  Another indication do allergies if these symptoms persist for a longtime, such as two or more weeks.  It’s not a lingering cold, its allergies. Try using an indoor air purifier to clean the air of allergens.  Signs of a respiratory infection would include body aches and a fever.  Of course, if you have any concerns about the symptoms you are suffering, consult your doctor.


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