Are Brown Eggs Healthier Than White Eggs?

March 5, 2018

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If brown rice is better for you than white rice, and brown bread is better than white bread, then it correlates that brown eggs are better than white eggs, right? WRONG! According to the American Egg Board, there is no nutritional or taste difference between white-shelled and brown-shelled eggs. A hen’s breed determines the shell color of the eggs it lays, which can range from perfect white to cream to brown to olive and even blue. However there is one way to find out if a hen will lay a white or brown egg.  Taking a look at their earlobe (yes, a chicken has an ear and earlobe just like you), if it is white, the hen will lay white-shelled eggs and if it's brown or red, the egg shell will be brown.

SOURCE: The Take Out

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