Archer Woman Arrested For Covering Car With Condiments And Peppers

April 26, 2018


When you think of Subway, you generally think of what you want on your footlong, not what you want on your car.  This Only In Florida story takes us to the Tower Square Subway Restaurant where 50-year old Ann Julan Tribuani-Rosenogle was arrested Monday on criminal mischief after allegedly covering a man's car with condiments and jalapeños.  The Alachua County Sheriff's Office responded to the complaint that his car had been vandalized with lots of mustard, mayonnaise, Thousand Island dressing and hot sauce as well as a gallon or so of sliced jalapeños peppers, including the puncture of two tires and a bent license plate Sunday night. According to the arrest report, the store manager provided deputies with a text message from another employee saying Ann was “dousing a customer’s car” and he needed help. Surveillance video showed her carrying sauce out of the store. Ann said she didn't slash the tires to a Gainesville Sun reporter and was reluctant to say much more.  The 20-year old man had parked his car behind the restaurant to go to the gym and returned to find it covered in sauces and jalapeños.

SOURCE: Gainesville Sun

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