April The Giraffe Delivers A Boy!

April 17, 2017

© Musat Christian | Dreamstime

After months of waiting and a live stream Internet channel that had the world watching, then ignoring and then watching again, April the Giraffe gave birth to a male giraffe! 

The 15 year old, now mother of four, finally delivered her calf on Saturday, after a 16 month pregnancy at Animal Adventure Park in New York.  Zookeepers predicted April's due date in February.  Calf is 6ft tall and weighs about 150 pounds.  The zoo in upstate New York has once again turned to the Internet to name the new boy.  For a $5 donation, you can submit up to five names and vote for your choice.  The funds raised will go to the park's Giraffe Conservation Foundation, an epilepsy fund and park improvements.  The animal park will announce the calf's name by the end of the month. [CLICK HERE> to submit your name choice and to vote.

SOURCE: Global News

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