The Apps That Zap Your Smartphone Battery

July 28, 2016

That new smart phone had so much battery life, you could go for days before it needed a charge. Now you can't get though a day before it shuts itself off.  Partly its due to your phone's age as batteries lose charging properties as they get older.  However the more likely culprit, especially on phones under two years old are the apps you use.  Come to find out, the biggest battery zappers are the most popular apps with Facebook being number one battery drain, followed by apple/Google maps, Facebook messenger, Instagram, Chat On ,Kik, WhatsApp, WeChat and weather apps. Notice the common thread are social network or messaging apps. however it may not be all that chatting that draining your battery.  Most, if not all the apps listed use GPS software to pinpoint your location and know exactly where you are when you post your photo or video.  That constant communication with GPS satellites is why your battery is getting zapped.  So if you still want to use social network and messaging apps, consider turning off the GPS settings. Although this is not a good idea for the map apps, shutting them down for others may prolong your battery's life and give you more time in between charges.

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Source: Metro