Apps To Help Identify Phone Scammers Before You Answer

March 8, 2017


From time to time you've received a phone call with an unidentifiable number.  Most times, you let the call go to voicemail, with your suspicions of a potential scam confirmed when no message is left.  This leads to some wondering who had called?  Or perhaps you are waiting for an important call and figure the missed call was that call. As you return the call, there is a good chance you are being billed for international charges, to which scammers collect their prize from you.  Most scams originate from phone numbers with Caribbean area codes, which look similar to US area codes.  For instance, area code 242 is the area code of The Bahamas, considered an international call.  242, 441, 784, 473, 876,284 and 345 are all international area codes. The best practice is to do what many people do and to avoid answering calls from unfamiliar area codes.  if you are curios, Google the area code before considering a return call to ensure you don't get hit with international phone charges.  There are some apps that can identify potential scammers.  The Hiya app [CLICK  HERE TO DOWNLOAD ON YOUR PHONE] for IPhone alerts of potential scam calls from known scam area codes and numbers. Android users can download the Blacklist app [CLICK  HERE TO DOWNLOAD ON YOUR PHONE] which also identifies potential scams.  Both are free and may be worth installing on your parents mobile phone to help them from being victim of a scam.

SOURCE: Consumerist

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