Apple's new iOS 11 Is A Battery Drainer

September 27, 2017

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Apple fans are eagerly downloading the newest software update iOS 11, which is filled with new features but an old problem once again surfaces.  Reports that iOS 11 is zapping your phone's battery.  Security firm Wandera examined 50,000 moderate to heavy iPhone and iPad users and found that the battery on iOS 11 ran out in only 96 minutes, in comparison to the 240 minutes it took iOS 10 to drain the battery.  Apple has addressed the issue with another update, 11.1 released yesterday.  However you can make some setting adjustments to conserve your battery.  First, turn off location services on apps that don't necessarily need your location. Go to “Settings” and scrolling down to where you can find all of the apps installed on your device. Then you select the app or apps you want to edit, tap on “Location” and make it so that your location is only tracked while you are using the app or you can edit it to never use your location. While in "settings" scroll to "battery" and activate your phone's "low battery mode." When your phone's battery reaches 20%, it will deactivate "Hey Siri", stop checking for emails and new data on running apps unless you are using them as well as dim the screen until your phone is charged to at least 80%.

SOURCE: Elite Daily

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