Apple Urges Software Update To Fix Glitch That Can Infest Your Device Through A Picture

October 25, 2016

© Anthony Behar-Sipa USA

Apple is urging its customers to update the IOS 10 software after a glitch was discovered that can render your device vulnerable to hackers just by viewing a picture! Known as the CoreGraphic bug, if you view a maliciously-crafted JPEG graphic (for instance, by browsing a website or opening an email) on a vulnerable iOS device, you could be allowing malicious code to execute exposing your passwords, personal, banking and any other information stored on your iPhone, iPad, Apply TV, Apple watch and even macs to hackers. Update to IOS 10.1 now by going to your device settings, selecting general and then software update.  To update your watch, select the watch app, then general and software update.


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