Apple Starts Releasing IOS 10 Update And What You Need To Know Before Installing

September 13, 2016

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Today is the day that iPhone, iPads and iPod Touch users will see the familiar red dot tagging the settings button.  Apple will start to roll out the IOS 10 update.  Some of the updates include settings to view two Safari web browsing windows at the same time, new Markup feature for messages lets you draw on pictures included in text messages. Speaking of messages, you can send smaller photos to save memory space. Email filter allows you to sort with one touch (so if you only want to see unread messages, you now can). New features include a parked car alert, using your car's Bluetooth or Car Play, automatically locate where you parked via the map app. And now you can delete factory apps you don't want.  The lock screen will look different, notifications style makes it much less necessary to unlock your phone and Siri get schooled in new featured as in can now hail an Uber, add suggestions to your Messages and more.  Before you download IOS 10, CNET is recommending that after you have backup your phone, it be immediately downloaded if you have in iPhone 6 or newer.  IF you have an iPhone 5 or 5c, wait for a while until experts run tests on phones that have a slower processor.  Remaining iPhone4 or older will have to skip the update altogether as it isn't compatible.

SOURCE: CNET (a lot of detailed and helpful information)

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