Apple Rumored To Ditch The Lightning Cord on New iPhone

March 1, 2017

© Anthony Behar-Sipa USA

Now that you've finally switched over all those wide 30-pin charging devices for your Apple products to the now standard lighting connector, get ready to spend some more money on a new connector!  With a lot of tech talk focused on the upcoming iPhone 8, the biggest news so far is appears Apple will be ditching its lighting cable that was launched 4 years ago and using the more universal USB-C cable. Why?  A few reasons come to mind.  First, the USB-C port is not exclusive to Apple, so you cord investment will go beyond one cable for one product.  Secondly, USB-C ports transfer data much faster, up to 10 gigabits per second compared to the current lightning cable speed rating of 480 megabits per second.  Faster data also means faster charging.  The cable is able to handle more electric power to charge your battery faster. Lastly, Apple's latest versions of the MacBook and MacBook Pros only have USB-c ports, so there is strong evidence the new iPhone will come with this technology. Although there are no definite plans for the release of the iPhone 8, their annual September conference could include the latest iPhone version.  Typically Apple releases whatever they talk about in September within a few weeks.

SOURCE: Mashable

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