Apple Debuts iPhone 7 and 7 Plus

September 8, 2016

© Anthony Behar-Sipa USA

Well the iPhone rumors were confirmed yesterday as Apple unveiled the iPhone 7 and 7 Plus.  The faster processing phone's new features include complete water resistance, longer battery life, stereo speakers, a 12 mega pixel camera lens on the back that work as one for more detailed pictures (dual lenses for the 7 plus), a 7 mega pixel front camera for detailed selfies and yes, the mini jack port is gone; a move that has a lot of people unhappy.  The only choices to listen through your headphones, external speakers or in your car is to use Bluetooth or use a special lightning adaptor that allows that 3.5MM jack to connect through the lightning jack included with the phone.  The home button is not a button but a pressure plate that has no moving parts and a new piano black glossy color option as well as the standard matte medal finish black model, gold, silver, and rose gold. As for memory sizes, the 16GB is gone, with the smallest memory phone now 32GB for $649, followed by 128GB  and 256GB for $849. For the bigger 7 Plus, 32GB at $769 up to $969 for the 256GB model available for sale Friday, September 16th.  Pre-orders accepted starting tomorrow (9.9.16).

SOURCE: The Verge

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