Apple Cider Vinegar Baths Has Health Benefits

May 17, 2017

© Jyn Meyer | Dreamstime

The benefits of raw, organic Apple Cider Vinegar, or ACV for short, have been in the headlines lately.  From body cleanses to aiding your digestive system.  Now it appears that ACV can do just as many good things to the outside of your body as your inside.  Many people have begun to bathe in it. No, it's doesn't mean filling the entire tub up with dozens of apple cider vinegar bottles, that would be silly!  However adding a cup of two to a bath and relaxing in it for a half hour has its benefits. Taking an apple cider vinegar bath can help you relieve the burn and may help it heal faster. ACV can help reduce bacteria that has built up in warm, moist places such as your armpits, therefore creating a less hospitable home for future odor. Toe fungus can be a problem if your skin's pH balance is too alkaline.  ACV is acidic enough to stop the toenail fungus in its tracks but still mild enough to not damage the surrounding skin and nail. ACV can improve the quality of your hair by removing shampoo and other product buildup. It doubles as a natural detangler, and leaves your hair soft and smooth.  Before you take the plunge, there is a case of a chemical burn caused by ACV so make sure to test the diluted solution on a patch of your skin before diving in. Remember to use raw, organic apple cider vinegar as processed vinegars don't have the same benefits. Most important, talk to your doctor before an ACV bath and ask if it would be beneficial specifically for you.

SOURCE: Mother Nature Network