App Works To Free You From Mobile Phone Addiction

April 18, 2018

© Scott Griessel | Dreamstime

Sometimes you need to show some tough love with a phone addiction.  Enter the Lock Me Out app which will lock your phone and prevent you from scrolling through Instagram, playing games and more.  The free app for Android lets you set the lock out features, which ranges from 15 minutes to three hours. So once you reach the time limit, the phone's lock screen is displayed and preventing you from gazing into your screen. The app allows phone calls, notifications to appear and the camera to work but that's it. Lock Me Out can also lock your phone until a specific time of day, set it to lock automatically later that day for an hour or two, or a create a weekly schedule of lockout times. Scroll to the bottom of the app’s main page, and you’ll even find an option that lets you lock your phone for 30 minutes if your screen time passes 5 hours per day—or you unlock the device more than 12 times in an hour. Lock Me Out is an easy way to enforce short technology breaks when you need them most. [CLICK HERE] to down load teh Android app.

SOURCE: Lifehacker

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