App That Tracks Your Fertility

July 26, 2017

There seems to be a phone app that does everything.  One of the more recent apps is Natural Cycles, which tracks your fertility cycle. The app uses your body temperature and a calendar to create a algorithm to build a fertility schedule. It is billed as a pill-free way in preventing pregnancies.  However OB/GYN doctors are quick to warn this new technology shouldn't be relied upon solely rather say it is a good option for those wanting to postpone pregnancy for a while but would not mind if you become pregnant. While this app and similar ones claim a clinical accuracy of 93% to 99%, many of these methods have a failure rate of 25%. The Natural Cycle app is available for free in iTunes [CLICK HERE] and Google Play [CLICK HERE] but the more advanced features range from $79 to $99 annually.

SOURCE: Daily Mail

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