App Tracks Who Is Unfriending You Online

March 2, 2017

© Perfectvectors | Dreamstime

After one of the most contentious Presidential elections in American history, you may have notice the number of your Facebook friends has dropped.  Yes, it's true, many unfriendings occurred, but who are these people who no longer want to associate with you online?  Now you can find out using a nifty Chrome extension called, Who Deleted Me [CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD].  The extension keeps an eye on your Facebook friends list.  When someone unfriends you, a regularly scheduled scan will notify you of the results. As for the most unfriended type of person?  That would be someone you knew in high school with almost 19% of the unfriend requests. The top reasons of unfriending is polarizing posts and posting too frequently about unimportant topics.

SOURCE: Mental Floss

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