App Rates Restaurants & Bars By Noise Level

February 12, 2018

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Going out to lunch or dinner can be a great way to catch up with a friend unless of course, you manage to accidentally pick the loudest restaurant in town for your hour-long hangout. While there are apps out there that rate the food, service and experience, there isn't one that addresses the volume of noise.  Say hello to iHEARu, a noise level app that lets you know the type of audio atmosphere to expect. Just like other crowd-sourced apps like Yelp, iHEARu depends on users to activate the app while at restaurants and bars.  Your phone's microphone captures the noise level and rates it every 30 minutes. You can leave their own subjective feedback as well. Data collected at various days and hours allows users to visually see the volume of atmosphere at restaurants and bars others have visited.  The free iPhone app launched this week  in San Francisco with plans to roll out to other major cities over the next few months, with a goal of being available globally.

SOURCE: Lifehacker

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