App Pairs Up Your Office Secret Santas

December 7, 2017

© Zaikina | Dreamstime

The office Secret Santa can be a fun way to celebrate the holidays and build a closer relationship among coworkers.  But let's face it, being in charge of picking matches can be a chore and the last thing you want is to be accused of playing favorites or having to do it all over because you picked your own name.  First world problems surely, but we can now find comfort in the Slack Secret Santa selector [DOWNLOAD HERE].  Just enter the names and email addresses of those playing in secret Santa and you're done. The app’s algorithm will figure out how to assign everyone that’s participating a coworker and everyone will get a email or message letting them know who they’re in charge of getting a gift for this year.  Keeping your offic stress levels down have never been easier!

SOURCE: Lifehacker

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