App Helps You Find A Clean Bathroom Without Line

September 15, 2017

© Rosco | Dreamstime

You sometime have better luck finding a Leprechaun’s pot of gold than a clean restroom, especially when you really need one. Some help may be on the way thanks to technology and the newly launched Good2Go app for Android and iPhone.  Good2Go pairs with retailers to install smart systems in their bathrooms to let users find and virtually line up for the restroom. It works by you opening the app, which uses your location to find Good2Go partner restrooms.  Once you select one, you enter a virtual line and when it's your turn, or if it's instantly available, your phone will display a QR code, which is used to open the bathroom door!  The technology also works no Bluetooth, similar to virtual wallet technology.  Good2Go has already paired with coffee houses and restaurants in the San Francisco Area with plans to launch in New York and eventually trickle down to all areas of the country.  However it isn't free.  The service is subscription-based with daily passes from $2.99 to monthly passes for $19.99. However it may be a small price to pay to find a clean restroom without a line.  Meanwhile, other free apps are available where users can locate nearby restrooms including SitOrSquat from Charmin parent Procter & Gamble and Flush Toilet Finder.


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