App That Digitally Removes Makeup Not Well Received By Women

November 16, 2017


It is somewhat ironic for all the time and effort we take into perfecting a selfie that an app can undo all the work in seconds.  The MakeApp is a face-filtering app that can digitally add or strip away your makeup and turn your perfect selfies into something else. While some see the app as fun and harmless, not everyone agrees. While its creator says it is not misogynistic in any way that the app has practical purposes, such as being used to identify victims of human trafficking, who according to the CEO, are sometimes heavily marked with " permanent makeup often [and] makes the identification process quite difficult. But it easily allow anyone to digitally remove makeup without the person's permission and that can lead to self-confidence issues. Considering there are many flaws in the app to which the CEO admits the app appears to add blotchy marks and alter natural skin tone color. 

SOURCE: Romper

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