App Alerts You To Lower Hotel Rates

April 6, 2018

Hotel room rates can fluctuate wildly, depending on the supply and demand and unless you prepay, you usually can re-book at the lower rate.  But as you can imagine, hotels aren't doing to alert you when their prices go down.  Enter, Pruvo.  This app tracks the cost of rooms over time, and if the price of accommodation happens to plummet closer to your stay, it will help you rebook. All you need to do is forward your confirmation email from the hotel to Pruvo's inbox and the service will begin to monitor the price of that reservation. The only condition, of course, is that you reserve your rooms with free cancellation because otherwise, it’s not possible to extricate yourself from the booking. So if the price of your hotel rooms drops, Pruvo will send you an email of a lower price and for you to make an additional reservation for your time and then cancel the first reservation. The service, which has been nicknamed the Robin Hood of the hotel industry, is free and has saved customers over $800,000 in the past two years.

SOURCE: Lonely Planet

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