App Aims To Unclog News Notifications Sent To Your Phone

October 5, 2017

© Nitsuki | Dreamstime

If you get alerts sent to your phone then you know that sometimes the notifications are a bit too much and aren't newsworthy to you.  Not to worry with the new app called Nuzzel.  Rather than news updates automatically sent to your phone, the app curtails them and will only alert you if a certain number of your Twitter friends link to the same story, no matter the source.  In other words, if your friends are talking about it, the app will alert you of the story. You can set up how many friends need to tweet a link before you’re notified, ranging from three to 25 accounts. When you open a story, you’ll see what your friends tweeted about it.  You can also set a daily maximum of alerts received.  Nuzzel is a free app for Apple and Android phones.

SOURCE: Lifehacker

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