App Aims To Publicly Shame Pet Owners Who Don't Clean Up After Their Pet

June 12, 2018

Responsible pet owners know that you should always carry a few bags with you on a walk because the call of Mother Nature will strike anytime and it usually involves an area where people walk and children play.  Unfortunately not everyone is responsible to clean up after their pet, which leads us to take a look at the passive aggressive PooperSnooper app the publically shames pet owners who don't clean up after their pets. Using the app is pretty simple. When you see a pile of poo on the sidewalk, street or grassy yard, press the ‘add poop’ button and you’ll get the chance to take a photo of the poo, it’s size, and add any other notes if you so wish such as color, smell, shape etc. The information is transmitted to other app users alerting them to tread carefully around the land mines of leavings. The app also points you to pin pet poo bins too.  The app developers say that with enough users and with owner patterns, it could start a trend in shaming dog owners into picking up after their beloved pets. Of course you cannot share a person’s photo on the app but you can certainly include a detailed description of a dog and its owner if the poo is not disposed of properly (there’s a pace for that). The free app is available for Apple and Android.


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