App Aims To Bring Balance In A Polarizsing News World

March 16, 2017

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It is no surprise that politics is a subject of frustration, anger and mystery today.  A recent Pew Research Center study found that Americans in each political party express “very unfavorable” views of members of the opposing party; the highest number in nearly two decades and those views are fueled by the news sources we see.  Another Pew Research Center study found conservatives overwhelmingly use Fox News, Rush Limbaugh and Drudge for their political news while liberals tend to lean on NPR, Huffington Post and CNN instead. So in an effort to bring some balance to biased news sources, a new iPhone app is on a mission to show the other side.  It's called Read Across the Aisle and what it does is track what you are reading from 20 certified and legitimate news sources (no fake news) and based on your regular reading habits, it will suggest further reading that might help you balance out your media diet. It rates each site on a spectrum from conservative to liberal. In other words, if you get heated after reading a news story from the Washington Times, this app will suggest you read the same story from The Atlantic to give you the balance of the same subject from the other viewpoint. However you must read your news inside the app in order for it to work, which means for now, you are limited to just 20 sources.  However as polarizing as social media has become in making American fight American, the Read Across the Aisle app might be a good way to ensure you’re hearing arguments and perspectives from all sides. The free app is available on iTunes [CLICK HERE].

SOURCE: Mental Floss

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