Another Facebook Change. So This Is How To See Stores From Your Liked Pages On Facebook

January 30, 2018

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Change in inevitable and Facebook is again making a significant change on what you will see when you open the app.  You've probably already noticed there are a lot more posts from your friends and family and less from public pages.  Yes, even the pages you've liked and want to see stories from (such as those from 98.5 KTK) are no longer populating your feed.  That’s because Facebook has tweaked their algorithm to prioritize content from friends and family over public pages. That means more pictures and statuses from people you actually know, but less links and videos from the sites you enjoy. That may be perfect for you but if you want a feed that better reflects your tastes and interests, you'll need to do some tweaking and it's fairly simple.  So if you wish to see recipes from your favorite chef or read up on the stores we share with you on this very radio show, you can make sure they're included in your feed by visiting the public page you like and clicking the "following" button under the cover photo.  Then select "see First" in the "In Your Newsfeed" section and you'll continue to see stories from that page on your timeline.

To select multiple pages at once simply go to the drop-down arrow in the upper-right corner of Facebook on desktop. Then, click "News Feed Preferences."

Then select "Prioritize who to see first."

Click all the pages you want to see articles from and you're set!

In the mobile app, you can get there by clicking the menu icon in the bottom-right corner, scrolling down to "Settings," and tapping "News Feed Preferences."

SOURCE: Mental Floss

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