Angry Florida Man Throws Glass Eye At Medical Professionals

November 2, 2016


Ever get so mad that you just want to throw your glass eye at someone?  54 year old Edward Michael Dorsey of Largo has some anger issues as police had arrested him on a charge of domestic battery early Sunday morning.  As a precaution, officers took the Largo man to the hospital for a checkup before hauling him to jail.  That's where Dorsey jumped from the pan into the fire, as he was being evaluated he allegedly took out his glass eye and threw it at a doctor and nurse.  They warned him not to take out his eye, but he allegedly told them, "I can do whatever I feel like doing" and hurled it in their direction.  That earned in an additional charge of battery on an emergency medical care provider. Bail has been set at $25,000 for domestic battery and $5,000 for throwing his eye.


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