And The Award For The Worst Airlines Goes To...

April 28, 2017

The results are in and according to the American Customer Satisfaction Index (ACSI), the most hated airline in America is....not United...but Spirit Airlines.  For the 3rd consecutive year, Spirit was rated dead last by customers.  Out of a possible 100 points, Spirit dropped to 61 this year followed by its rival in ultra-low price carrier, Frontier Airlines with a score of 63.   As for the highest customer satisfaction airline?  Jet Blue with a score of 82, followed by Southwest with a score of 80 and then Alaska Airlines with 78.  The carrier with the largest gain in customer service points is low-cost carrier, Allegiant with a 9 point gain.  As for the legacy carriers of American, Delta and United, American and Delta tied at 76. As for United? Although improving 3 points from last year, it is 3rd from last. However this survey was completed last month before the company dragged off a bloodied paid passenger to make room for a crew member or Delta’s massive cancellation of flights due to weather. It appears customer satisfaction increases can be credited amenities that are now free, such as in-flight entertainment and meal service.  Jet Blue may have seen their score jump with the addition of free Wi-Fi on domestic flights.  However just this month some game-changing polices may improve customer service with United and Delta bumping up the bumped passenger compensation to a $10,000 maximum in airline credit and Southwest's CEO announcing it will phase out the common practice of overbooking so that no passenger is ever kicked off a flight for being oversold.