Amusing Advice From Teacher On How To Erase Boards Without Shaking Your Hiney!

November 2, 2016

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Mr. Parkinson has been a primary school teacher for more than 6 years in NW England and during that time, he has looked at ways to supplement his income and help other instructors better use Information and Communication Technology, such as tablets and the Internet. So he created a course to help other instructors in which he shares a wealth of ideas and ways in using iPads to enhance learning across the curriculum.  But it's his handout advice on how to handle old technology that has the Internet laughing.  A teacher at one of Mr. Parkinson's lectures was amused at the instructions on how to erase a white or chalk board.  IT reads, "When erasing a board, use vertical strokes; your hips will show the least amount of movement.  Horizontal strokes make hips shake, which students may find humorous and thus distracting." Of course it had led to a barrage of comments that are humorous!  So for teachers and instructors across the heart of Florida, use the free advice from Mr. Parkinson's teacher training manual if you wish because as Shakira once said, “Hips Don’t Lie”.

SOURCE: Daily Mail

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