America's First Champagne Vending Machine

February 21, 2017

© Julián Rovagnati | Dreamstime

If there's a product, most likely there's a vending machine that is selling it.  From hot pizzas to champagne.  Yes, there is a champagne vending machine and it lives in Las Vegas.  Being hailed as America's first champagne vending machine, on the 23rd floor of the Mandarin Oriental Hotel is a self-service machine that stocks 320 mini bottles of Moet Imperial Brut and Imperial Rose champagne for a mere $20 a bottle.  After showing proof of age at the front desk, and flopping out an Andrew Jackson, you get a special Monet coin for the machine.  Once you deposit it, the magic begins as your selection of bubbly is gently cradled from the shelf to the bottom drawer so that it doesn’t explode out all over when you open it.  So far, this is the only public campaign vending machine in the country. Maker, Moet-Hennessy, has one in their headquarters in NYC for its employees.

SOURCE: Travel & Leisure

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