Is America Ready For Electrical Tape Bikinis?

February 1, 2017

© Jason Stitt | Dreamstime

While we've been braving the Florida weather, Brazil and the southern hemisphere has been enjoying summer.  The latest fashion trend sounds like a college prank but it's all the rage in Rio de Janeiro; electrical tape bikinis.  In an effort to have the perfect tan lines, some women are skipping the cloth bikini to get the perfect tan lines with the precision of tape.  Gauze is placed over privates areas, which are covered with lines of black electrical tape.  Front, back, top bottom; all the areas normally covered by the swimsuit are covered in tape. Sunscreen is applied to the non-taped skin and a special tanning lotion is also applied, which is sold at the salon. After a couple of hours, the tape comes off easily thanks to the body's sweat in the 100+ degree summer sun. Several tanning salon clubs have popped up offering the electrical tape bikinis and many have run out of space for new customers.  The tape applier needs to do it perfectly to get those desired tan lines.


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