Alexa Can Guide You On How To Properly Cut Food

July 2, 2018

© Ylivdesign | Dreamstime

Do you really know how to cut broccoli or a Kiwi? Perhaps you do but maybe you don't.  That's where Amazon's Alexa can help.  A new skill called Chop Chop will show you how to chop something you might have questions about and although it is designed for the Echo Show and Echo Spot, which had screens, it will also work on a Dot or regular voice-only Alexa as well. Just open the skill and then ask it how to cut something. If that something is in its library, then a brief video will play showing you how to chop that thing (or just audio explaining the process if you’re using an audio-only device). It can be a free and easy way to check yourself before you chop that thing up and then realize you’ve done it the wrong way and accidentally ruined your dinner.

SOURCE: Lifehacker

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